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Retin-A – remedy for external use against acne. According to the instructions retin-A accelerates the maturation of skin cells lining the excretory part of the hair follicles. Accumulating, these cells block the exit of the bulb and block the outflow of secretions of the glands, causing the skin inflammation. The use of retin-A reduces the fit of these cells to each other and accelerates their maturation. According to the instructions retin-A is designed for outdoor use. As a rule, apply the medication once a day onto clean, dry surface on the damaged skin. When applying the solution retin-A should be used a cotton swab. After applying the drug may experience a brief burning sensation on skin or feeling of warmth. Slight redness on the skin can be observed until the fifth week of therapy. In the case of strong burning sensation it is necessary to increase the interval between application of the drug. During the first weeks of treatment the acne may worsen, due to the action of the drug on acne located deep inside that previously were not visible. The best therapeutic effect from the use of retin-A for reviews is achieved after 8-12 weeks of treatment.

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